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The Beginning to Present

Over 20 years ago Norma Blacksmith a full-blood Oglala Lakota was called by God to return from the mission field to to pray for the Transformation of the Oglala Nation. Norma has ministered among many Tribes in North America and other parts of the world. She earned a Degree in Business, Counseling, and Ministry. God spoke to her that she would watch, pray, and see the transformation of her people. She has held on to God's promise that she would see her people come out of darkness and prosper. Daily she has prayed and seen the hand of God move powerfully. 

Norma's belief that the next generation would rise up in the power of God has become a reality. Her grandkids and other young leaders are rising in unity, integrity, and vision to see the Kingdom come to the Oglala Nation. 

God started this powerful transformation by saving her household. They have moved together as a family to feed those in need, minister to the youth, prayer walk the reservation, and birth a powerful ministry.

Her grandson George Dreamer Jr. was elected to the Tribal Council. George is a minister for the Lord and God has him on a path to build a ministry center on the outskirts of Pine Ridge. George is the CEO of Pine Ridge HOPE. HOPE stands for House of Prayer Eternity. After visiting IHOP in Kansas City, God spoke to George that Pine Ridge would have a House of prayer. A place for people to meet with God 24/7, 365 days a year. This facility will serve as a place for the youth to gather, for ministry teams to stay, and cooking facilities to feed the hungry. 

God is placing His hand upon Indigenous leaders in Pine Ridge to usher in the transforming power of God. Its time for Native believers to take ownership before God to see the redemption of their people.

Strategic partnerships with the Body of Christ are key to this God given vision becoming a reality. We pray you will be touched by the heart of God as you share in the joy of his miraculous outpouring in Pine Ridge, SD. 

 Thank you for reading this and we pray you will walk with us on this journey to transformation. Please contact us on the home page if you would like us to give you more information. We would love to call you and answer any questions you may have. God Bless You!

We are a registered 501c3 Organization 

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